The three commonly used Trademark symbols: TM, SM, and the letter R in a circle — ®. The TM and SM symbols are used with unregistered marks: TM for trademarks, or marks that represent goods, and SM for service marks, or marks that represent services. […]

  When picking a company name, it’s vital to initially conduct research to avoid trademark infringement or domain name conflicts. You may be infringing someone’s trademark if the use of your mark is likely to cause confusion among customers as to the source of the […]

When growing a unique product, technology, or service, one must consider the appropriate steps to protect the intellectual property that has been have developed. The company’s founders have a stake in ensuring that the company protects its intellectual property and avoids infringing the intellectual property […]

In business, there are multiple potential mistakes and errors and they come up in all different legal areas – from basic formation issues to labor and employment to intellectual property. Mistakes and missteps involving intellectual property can be particularly problematic because IP is a company […]

What The Courts Have Said There are three main cases which the Supreme Court ruled in this issue: CASE #1: In Bilski of 2010, the Supreme Court held that claims to a method for commodities traders to lower the risk of price fluctuations was an […]

The notion of a software patent is slightly controversial because the coding language used to develop the invention is not actually getting patented, but never the less, software patents do exist and if you are a software coder/inventor, you may wish to get one. Like […]