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Invention Disclosure

Before speaking to a patent attorney, it is helpful to have some details of the invention written down. Here you can find a sample Invention Disclosure Form. This form does not get filed with the Patent Office; it is simply a record of the inventors and an overview of the invention.

Download: Invention Disclosure Form


The rights to an invention can be assigned to another individual or a corporation. Here you can find a sample Assignment Form for two inventors assigning patent rights to a corporation. The form can easily be modified for different numbers of inventors.

Download: Assignment Form

Non-Disclosure Agreement

In order to protect your invention, it is advisable to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before showing your invention to a potential investor or business partner. Here you can find a sample Non-Disclosure Agreement Form. However, before entering an agreement, it would be wise to hire an attorney to draft an NDA which is a more specific agreement to your particular situation.

Download: Non-Disclosure Agreement Form

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