Primarily, the process of filing a provisional patent application boils down to a fairly simple procedure. We first have an exploratory discussion with the inventor and gain a foundational understanding of the their invention. After this initial consultation, the inventor provides us with a series of documents including the drawings, pictures, and description of his/her idea. After analyzing these drawings in conjunction with the description, we endeavor to prepare a provisional patent application, which is patentable over the prior art of which we are aware.

Once the application is prepared, it is forwarded to the inventor in order to make sure it covers all of the their ideas and expectations. Once approved by the inventor, it is filed with the USPTO. We then advise the inventor on the need for filing an international patent application within 12 months if they would like international protection. Prior to the end of the 12 months, assuming that the inventor wants to maintain his/her patent protection, we file either a U.S application or an international application.


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