Step 1 – Attorney-Client Consultation

Attorney-Client Consultation

The initial client-attorney consultation is perhaps the most important step in identifying and implementing proper intellectual property protection. Please schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our attorneys to have a general discussion about any pressing matters, the nature of your business, and your cutting edge technology.

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Step 2 – Assessment of Your Intellectual Property

IP Assesment

We will have a meeting to assess the nature and protection
of your Intellectual Property. Relevant issues include:
– Non-disclosure agreements
– Employee Matters
– Prototype Design and Development
– Website address
– Provisional Patent Applications
– U.S. and International Patents
– Trademarks
– Copyrights
– Trade Secrets
– Contractual Matters

Step 3 – Develop Strategy to Protect Your Intellectual Property

IP Strategy Development

We will evaluate the results of our assessment and develop a sound strategy for protecting your Intellectual Property while cultivating an action plan that synthesizes the various stages, procedures, and costs associated with each step.

Step 4 – Finalize Parameters of Projects

Project Parameter Deliniation

After you have reviewed our custom report and materials, we will have another meeting to establish the final parameters of each project we recommend. Careful review of our action plan will allow us to make any and all adjustments and enable us to reach an agreement and move forward with the projects.

Step 5 – Ongoing Counseling

IP Assessment and Review

We have quarterly meetings to review the status of the IP matters being pursued and address any new Intellectual Property issues that have arisen since our last meeting. As always, we will remain available to help or counsel you on different legal matters as they arise. Protecting your IP is our number one priority. Period.


Howard M. Cohn & Associates has extensive and varied experience in all aspects of Intellectual Property law, with a unique specialty in patent and trademark preparation and prosecution. Schedule an appointment or call us at 800-613-1067.