The process for getting a copyright is not overly complex but nevertheless provides only a small margin for error if done incorrectly. Naturally, every intellectual property firm utilizes a distinct method for handling different legal procedures. Our firm strives to make the process as easy and customer friendly as possible and primarily works as follows. A client calls up our office and has a free consultation with one of our attorneys to describe the circumstances of the idea and what he/she hopes to achieve.

Our attorney will then decide if the copyright is indeed the proper and appropriate legal application to seek (instead of a patent, trademark etc.). We will then send the client a non-disclosure agreement to legally cement our confidentiality and the client will send us all of the relevant materials. Once our attorney has compiled all of the materials, a copyright application is prepared and submitted to the Copyright Office. Following the submission, the client receives all of the documents that were filed. In approximately 2 months time, our office receives an approval from the copyright office, which then gets relayed along with the original set of files to the client. Of course, if the application is not approved, our team of attorneys will revise and resubmit the application.


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